The LUST Jewelery brand was born from a need associated with two lines of thought, engineering and design. Geometric shapes, tell stories and are associated with animals. Which translates into a contemporary, versatile and modern way of looking at jewellery, which makes the human being its support.


Lust Jewellery & Katty Xiomara

Lust Jewelery - a brand that combines engineering and design - joins the world of fashion and Katty Xiomara's irreverent and timeless pieces, having presented its collection at the recent Portojoia event. The result of the partnership was widely recognized by critics in general, expecting a very promising future.


This collection arises from the partnership with the brand MYHorses, which is linked to the production of sport horses. Using the shape of the logo and the geometric language of LUST… this collection was born. Materials: silver, cotton thread and natural stones.

Ma’at Collection

Coming from Egyptian mythology, Ma’at is the Goddess of justice, truth and harmony, representing the most important pillars of a society. The collection is based on the geometric shapes of the pyramids and chooses the scarab beetle as an animal, associated with the movement of the sun, as it was reborn every morning. It was considered a good luck charm and appears in this collection in shapes geometric, taking some of the colors that characterize it from the enamel technique. Materials: silver and enamels.

Berbere Collection

The BERBERE collection appears in the middle of the hot desert sands. The geometric shapes represent the tents of your people, which resist the strongest storms. Another setback is the heat, which only allows some animals such as the scorpion, which is characterized by its resilience in the face of so many adversities, however, they are also intuitive, seductive, passionate and intelligent beings. The chosen gemstone was topaz, which brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. Materials: silver and topaz.

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